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It’s always tricky getting a local brand into the consciousness of the city you live in. There’s a reason why people buy into franchises. Big budgets, national campaigns, commercials, constant reminders to go to those locations and consume their food. So how do you grow with a small budget? We’ve learned a few things along the way. You have to provide better food, better service and get ridiculously creative. You’re going to try some things and they’re going to fail miserably. Guess what… certain people are going to be more than happy to point out those mistakes too, lol. It’s alright though, you’re learning. Our restaurant (Overtime Sports Bar and Grill) has tried several things… some have failed and others have succeeded our expectations. We have a giant patio, we do live music and most importantly we serve fresh juicy delicious beer. We are also currently transitioning into a new menu that is going to blow minds.

These are the things that have done well for us but I’m sure you’re curious about some of our failures too right. Well of course we can’t share all of them but here’s the shortlist – Industry Night (we tried to launch a night for people working in the bar industry… no one showed up), fajita nights (turns out it didn’t put the spice in Mondays that we expected), oh and we can’t forget the ice hockey station (that thing was legit terrifying. Mini hockey sticks, pucks flying everywhere).

Some of these things failed cause we didn’t effectively advertise them, some were dangerous and others just weren’t interesting enough. The point is to keep trying new stuff and listening to your clientele. 99% of the time when they are giving you feedback, even when harshly criticizing, it’s because they want you to do better. So keep listening and keep getting better at what you do. Maybe one day you’ll become that next big national brand.